Taxes: a jackpot for the hidden accounts regularization unit

Taxes: a jackpot for the hidden accounts regularization unit

Nearly 10 billion euros were collected by the cell for the regularization of hidden accounts. This tax service was created following the Cahuzac affair.

The hidden accounts regularization unit brought in 9.6 billion euros

It is a very important tax windfall. In five years, hidden accounts abroad will have brought the French state 9.4 billion euros in taxes and fines. A substantial sum, to which must be added the 2018 results which are close to one billion euros. Installed in 2013, after the Cahuzac affair, the tax relief unit handled more than 47,000 cases of repentant taxpayers.

An average amount of 132,000 euros

The average amount of rights and penalties attributed to fraudsters is 132,000 euros. Only 1% of cases resulted in fines exceeding 800,000 euros. According to Bercy, 77% of regularized files come from Switzerland. Another flagship destination :Luxembourg with 8%, followed by the United States with 2.5%. And finally, 2.1% concerned other banks located in Singapore, Panama or the Cayman Islands.