Gafa tax: Amazon’s replica

Gafa tax: Amazon’s replica

Three weeks ago, France adopted the GAFA tax which targeted digital managers. Amazon has decided to counterattack by passing this tax on to these prices.

Gafa tax: Amazon's replica

From next October, if you choose to sell or market on the Amazon internet platform, you will be charged 3% more. All types of objects are affected. Amazon is the first player in the sector to choose to pass this tax on to its customers. “We operate in the very competitive and low margin retail sector (…) we are unable to absorb additional tax“, Is justified Amazon in a press release.

Bercy is justified

The response from Bercy and the Ministry of the Economy was not long in coming. For the government, this GAFA tax is “a question of tax justice”Because the digital giants pay 14 tax points less than other companies. Will this attitude of Amazon give ideas to other digital giants? For now, neither Google nor Apple have chosen to comment.