Gafa tax: Amazon passes the 3% on to its French sellers

Gafa tax: Amazon passes the 3% on to its French sellers

In response to the Gafa tax, Amazon announced on Friday August 2 that it will pass its 3% tax on to its French customers.

Gafa tax: Amazon passes the 3% on its French sellers

Amazon challenges the French government. Struck by the Gafa tax, the American giant retaliates: it will make this 3% tax to French companies that sell their products on the site. Bad news for a Parisian start-up that manufactures antipollution masks, it achieves up to 10% of its sales on Amazon. An Alsatian publisher is also angry, with this tax he will have to pay an additional 500 euros per year. An amount that he promises not to pass on to his customers. “It is not so much the amount that bothers us (…), but in principle, I find it a little big that giants like Amazon are discarding SMEs“, Deplores Jean-Christophe Caurette.

Rakuten will pay the full tax

In a press release, Amazon justifies its choice: “We are not in a position to absorb an additional tax (…) we have no other choice but to pass it on to them“. But the majority denounces a maneuver to avoid tax. Another online retail giant, Rakuten, told him that he would pay the full tax.