Fuel prices: “We could do without VAT on gasoline”, says Philippot (Les Patriotes)

Fuel prices: “We could do without VAT on gasoline”, says Philippot (Les Patriotes)

In the “4 Vérités” of France 2 on Wednesday 8 May, the European deputy and president of the Patriots Florian Philippot,looks back on the rise in fuel prices.

Fuel prices: we must

It is a record, the price of unleaded 95 has risen to 1,58, neverseen since 2013. The government explains that there will be no emergency measures and opposes the idea of ​​a floating tax. “I regret it, that was what initially led people to put on a yellow vest on their backs and to launch into the mobilization. And there we have reached prices that are higher at the start of the movement ”, indicates Florian Philippot, MEP and president of the Patriots, on the set of “4 Vérités” of France 2, Wednesday 8 May.

A question of “national solidarity”

“This will penalize the French, especially those who have no choice, who work far from their place of residence and who take the car. We could do without VAT on gasoline. Which would immediately reduce prices at the pump ”, says Florian Philippot. “I am proposing a surtax on the major oil and gas groups. They must contribute to national solidarity and to a purchasing power policy for the French“, Adds the MEP.

Would this surcharge be general or cyclical? “I believe that we can overtax them in a particular way when there is an increase like that in prices at the pump. […] I do not see why large groups would escape a national solidarity policy when we ask others ”, concludes Florian Philippot.