Eco: who will be affected by the tax cuts?

Eco: who will be affected by the tax cuts?

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire has lifted the veil on the tax cuts announced by Emmanuel Macron.

Taxes: who will be affected by the tax cuts?

It was one of the most anticipated announcements during Emmanuel Macron’s press conference on Thursday, April 25. The Head of State announced tax cuts for households in order to boost their purchasing power, and they are becoming clearer. Bruno Le Marie, Minister of the Economy, announced that the drop would be between 180 and 350 euros per year and per household. What to rejoice some.

The 14% slice lowered?

It’s great because life really gets harder and harder“, Expresses a taxpayer. “We might be able to afford a trip. We may be able to give more to the little children“, Imagine another. Twelve million taxpayers are affected by a drop of 350 euros. There are currently five tax brackets, and Bercy would like to lower that to 14%. The left finds this measure insufficient. The right points to the vagueness of financing.