Construction: the potential end of tax-free diesel worries

Construction: the potential end of tax-free diesel worries

The government wants to save on tax loopholes to recover 1.5 billion euros. Non-road diesel (GNR), less taxed than conventional diesel, is in its sights.

Construction: the end of tax-free diesel worries

Backhoe loaders, dump trucks or even crushers… On a good number of sites, the machines run on off-road diesel (GNR). “Each machine consumes between 15, 25 and 30 liters per hour. These are machines that can use up to 400 liters of off-road diesel per day ”, explains Georges Metzger, CEO of a construction company. Non-road diesel, which is red in color, is less taxed than conventional diesel. Today, building professionals pay around 97 cents per liter. Tomorrow, if the tax advantage is removed, professionals will have to pay for fuel at € 1.48, as much as individuals.

No less polluting alternative

The Alsatian company Gcm Travaux Publics owns 72 construction machines. The end of the tax loophole could cost him 186,000 euros per year, or nearly a third of his profits. The end of the tax advantage could threaten jobs. Professionals insist they cannot invest in cleaner fuels just yet. The state could recover a billion euros with the end of this tax advantage.