Businesses: “Some aid costs a crazy dough”

Businesses: “Some aid costs a crazy dough”

Business aid cost a hundred billion euros in 2018. Should we go back and reduce it? The economist Christophe Ramaux and the journalist Étienne Lefebvre discuss it in Soir 3 Tuesday April 30.

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Touching tax loopholes is “Risky, but I say stingy on condition that it is in the context of a general reduction in tax rates and corporate charges“, Affirms Étienne Lefebvre, editor-in-chief at Echoes.

Some aids cost a hell of a lot of money. It is necessary to evaluate this public expenditure“, Believes Christophe Ramaux, member of the appalled Economists.

The CICE and the research tax credit have had “positive effects. Between 2014 and 2018, the French economy created 800,000 jobs. Companies pay more taxes than ten years ago ”, assures the journalist.

“Helping SMEs” as a priority

The professor of economics at the Sorbonne considers these devices ineffective: “There is absolutely no explosion of private research in France“.

“On large companies which are making astronomical profits, their aid must be reduced in order to finance SMEs instead”, claims Christophe Ramaux.

Etienne Lefebvre “Thinks that there is an area where it is necessary to clean, it is the anti-environmental niches concerning diesel or kerosene in particular. It is inescapable to decarbonize the economy ”. Christophe Ramaux says to himself “Totally agree” with this last idea.