What you need for your laptop.  Practical tips for drek

What you need for your laptop. Practical tips for drek

Do you think you can choose a good laptop and have what you need? Buying a laptop is just a matter of time. Let’s advise you on what to look for when buying or to make you happy under the tree.

Laptops are not ergonomic devices, so you probably can’t do without accessories that make long-term work easier. The overview includes the most used bites, we omitted various USB games and gave a little extra, which at the same time will probably fall into oblivion. If you still gave a tip for a drake for pota’s enthusiast, let’s introduce him in the discussion.


You can only do without a mouse. Although the touchpad is sufficient for controlling a laptop, even the cheapest we can replace it much better. The notebook is made with a special ultra-portable lightweight mouse, which is easy to assemble and their batteries last several months. The outdated design with the ball has been replaced by two optical washes, among the better today are the five models without the remaining crumb connectable via Bluetooth wireless interface. If you do not have a built-in Bluetooth module in your notebook, you do not have to worry about the functionality of the mouse. These contain their own receiver, which plugs into the USB port. When not in use, it is usually inserted into the button and switched off so that the batteries do not run out. Very good washes, of course with a scroll wheel, can be purchased from about 500 K. Prices of the cheapest optical wireless we start from 300 K, optical wires from 100 K.


We use wireless lasers with a rolling ball

Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000

Drtov optick my

Gates and backpacks

You will probably have to look around after this accessory, and you have received a gateway to the laptop from the manufacturer or not. As a bonus, they often pack the cheapest that is, in addition to the unoriginal design of the bugs, also the bottom of the upholstery. The notebook thus suffers from any small impacts, the gate cannot completely protect it and its light is only full of walls. When buying a new dog shoulder, pop. therefore, make sure that the bottom of the notebook backpack is reinforced and softly padded. It is especially important for the inner bottom, in addition to many pockets for us, headphones and other accessories, there is usually a large pocket for the notebook itself. It should not physically touch the bottom of the gate that you will place on the ground, but it should be slightly larger. Avoid known bumps during transport and the laptop is adequately protected. While prices start from 350 K at the gate and good can be bought from 600 K, backpacks tend to be washed away from the cheapest versions and thus satisfy even the cheapest ones from 800 K.



Monitory a LCD

Laptop displays can rarely replace a good external monitor or LCD panel, so many users choose to buy these items. It is better to buy a quality LCD panel, CRT monitors are sold only small and at a very low price. On the market, however, there is a huge selection of LCDs at very attractive prices, 19-inch LCDs with good parameters can be purchased from 7000 K. In addition to the external display, the external displays have better contrast and backlight, another reason to buy is a better place on the desktop. The display should be positioned so that the user does not have to bend unnaturally for a better image – in principle, this can only be achieved with a laptop. Prices for the cheapest LCD start at 4000 K for a 17-inch flap, it’s better to look around.


If the price for the LCD is too high, and at the same time poor in a healthy working position, you will not avoid a laptop stand. This device lifts the rear position to the correct position so that the display is larger. There are several types on the market, the best is to adjust the age and have an external keyboard. Lifting the notebook in such a way that the notebook keyboard is in the unnatural position for return, and an external keyboard placed on the desk is a necessity. The cheapest stands (without the keyboard) can be purchased from 400 K, the smallest for 2,500 K also includes a wireless keyboard. Make sure that the stroke is straight.

CoolerMaster R9-NBS-PDAS Notepal S

It cools, which also serves as a stand and does not cost many pensions.

Logitech Alto Notebook Station

Luxury laptop stand with wireless keyboards


Because it is often a commercial, the user is used to the keyboard built into the laptop, so I rarely want to change. The reason is the high stroke of the external keyboard keys, which can be more comfortable compared to the low stroke of the keys in the notebook. Do not need to inspect or try the external keyboard beforehand, there are many types on the market and it is no problem to choose the one that is suitable for writing. There are also wireless keyboards, which are useful, especially if you dream of making your desk as clear as possible and get rid of cables. Prices for wireless keyboards start at 450 K, classic keyboards with grit are available from 100 K.

Wi-fi s

Wi-Fi can be connected to the reduction of the cable on the work table and above all, it can be connected to the Internet for 1,000 K without the need to connect the cable to the laptop. Practically, every portable computer has a wireless adapter today and it is a code not to use it. The security feature is also known for this improved bag, as the signal from the wireless access point is also available to your surroundings and is easily accessible without patina protection. If your wireless household bag does, check with your dealer to find out what type of wireless device is right for you and how to deal with safety.


Just like a car needs regular washing and waxing, so a laptop will send gossip. The biggest problem is the display, which we often underestimate. The worst thing you can do to your display is to open it with a napkin, for example. Although it looks very fine, the bag is unsuitable for soft plastic surfaces and causes micro-scratches. These degrade the image quality, stick to them, give uncertainties and eventually degrade the entire display. For many displays, it pays to buy a microfiber cloth, and wipes filled with a disposable cleaning solution are also good. For about 100 K m in the monitor, you can safely clean the rest of the notebook’s surface. If it is elegant summer, as it has recently been in the city, not only fingerprints can be seen on it, but also small abrasions caused by unsteady frost.

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