Strike of January 16: a decrease in mobilization

Strike of January 16: a decrease in mobilization

Thursday, January 16, dozens of demonstrations were organized across France to protest against the pension reform. Mobilization was on the decline.

Strike of January 16: a declining mobilization

A new demonstration to show that the movement continues. Thursday, January 16, the strikers were in the streets to voice their demands and their rejection of the pension reform. Nevertheless, they were less numerous to parade than during the previous days of demonstration. In Paris, the police speak of 23,000 demonstrators. The independent firm Occurrence mentions 28,000 people and the CGT 250,000.

“This movement is not over”

Opponents of the pension reform demand the outright withdrawal of the project. “This movement is not over. This is not true. Of course, it needs to find a second wind and expand, that’s for sure, we recognize it, but this movement will last ”, confides Benoît Teste, secretary general of the FSU. Same story on the side of Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT. “Either the government and the President of the Republic act in the interest of the French and withdraw the project and discuss seriously, or they persist and the responsibility falls to them that the movement lasts and continues.” The next mobilization is scheduled for January 24.