Pension reform: the “port mort” operation continues in Le Havre

Pension reform: the “port mort” operation continues in Le Havre

To make the movement against pension reform last, the strikers are launching new modes of action. The “dead port” operation is continuing, in particular in Le Havre, in Seine-Maritime.

Pension reform: the operation "dead port" continues in Le Havre

Dozens of trucks are stationary. At the port of Le Havre (Seine-Maritime), at the call of the CGT, strikers are blocking access to the industrial zone. Usually, nearly 5,000 heavy goods vehicles pass through every day. Trade unionists hope that the paralysis of economic activity at the port will put pressure on the government. “It is the heart of the Le Havre economy”, indicates a striker.

Carriers in difficulty

But on the side of the carriers, the pill goes badly. One of them explains that 18 ships will not unload their goods. Since the beginning of January, it has recorded a loss of activity between a quarter and a third compared to last year. The carriers are worried about having to lay off workers and are asking the government for help. The dockers intend to continue the “dead port” actions in the coming days.