Pension reform: strikers are now betting on “highlights”

Pension reform: strikers are now betting on “highlights”

Despite a fluidification of rail traffic and on the Ile-de-France rails, some of the strikers did not demobilize. Testimony of a striker from the RATP bus depot in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis).

Pension reform: strikers are now betting on

There may be a strategic change taking place. In any case here, at Pleyel, we voted with more than 79%, the fact of starting on a strategy of highlights. That is to say, like what happened on September 13th. Either one, two, or even three days a week, completely block the network“, Explains Alexis Louvet, bus driver and union member at Solidaire. Entering its 44th day on Friday January 17, the strike, which is expensive for those who do, is less sustained.

New mode of action

Despite everything, part of the unions remains convinced that it is still possible to make the government give in. Their goal is always to abandon the text. According to the trade unionist, “blockages every week will put more pressure on the government than a renewable strike, which we must open our eyes, for various reasons is weakening“.