Let’s advice on how to destroy your laptop as soon as possible

Let’s advice on how to destroy your laptop as soon as possible

Did you get the urge to ruin your laptop and don’t know how? Let’s offer a summary of the best ways to send it to the outer hunts as quickly as possible and to make your work as uncomfortable as possible.

There are many reasons to take away your portable sweat. Rodie bought a laptop with a slow graphics card, the lover did not hit the straight line, the other girls will not find the selected characters get trendy. Of the millions of laptops sold, we find such cases of printing. If the bag belongs to a party that wants to keep its paid mileage for a period of time, there are no seconds of free land from the Nusel Bridge, according to. First in this article, learn how to take care of your laptop after a while.

Mechanically, it’s the best

Not where he lived in Prague, so the trip to Nusl could be prodrait. Isn’t there really a cheap and quiet alternative to drinking a laptop? Of course there is! Hit your laptop, bang on it, place it on it or heat it. Within a few weeks, the individual joints of the plastic joints will be twisted and you will be able to start the first phase of your fight for a new pot. “That laptop of mine is a mess, look at how it squeaks!” – it is exactly the quality of the product in your environment and after a while you will hear it only: “Well, it’s a party, we’ll buy it for you…”. Vtzstv is in sight! You’ll be amazed at how much your laptop could be damaged by.

If you don’t want to ruin your laptop, carry it in a special laptop backpack. There is also a cushion on it, which guarantees good resistance to shocks and clothing. When picking, check the main pocket, it should not touch the bottom of the backpack, which touches the ground when placed. Well-made backpacks have this pocket a few centimeters above the bottom, they also have a richly padded area sitting on whether the cover of the display also does not sag. Do not place anything on the lid of the notebook, there is only about a millimeter of space between the nm and the display, and the LCD may be irreversibly damaged under pressure. Suitable for gates over the shoulder are backpacks, because thieves have thieves immediately clear what you are transporting.



You have a quality backpack and you are under close supervision – some bumps and careless handling will not pass. You will not be able to work with your laptop normally again. And again, literally every day, put your back on the surface in front of the keyboard, and sometimes the plastic will shine unpleasantly within a few weeks. Natural sweat works for plastics as a thinner and especially silver-painted surfaces soon turn green and black. You can achieve a similar result with unsuitable cleaning, it is best to use a grinder and a Sylvester Stallone.

Protection against this phenomenon, which is a problem before later sale, is glued to exposed areas, as the owner puts it with the displays of mobile phones. With silver plastics, there is practically nothing to know, with dark plastics, the overlay time can also look effective. The most reliable protection is prevention – buy a laptop with a metal surface in front of the keyboard. However, it has disadvantages, or it adheres heat from the processor and does not have to be pleasant to the touch. For this, use microfiber napkins that do not leave the surface. They are necessary for the display!

Area for op


You have a quality backpack, a laptop carved from a piece of metal and a hand grit at hand. Fly through the clouds and pour as much water into the laptop as you can fit. Head in a different direction and accidentally shote on a keyboard mug with a flower, jet lpe the whole kettle. Zaruen way to turn a laptop into just a piece of furniture! If you want to make service technicians happy, use a sweet limond instead. Nanetst are laptops with resistance to spilled liquid, which drink even that…

If such an accident occurs and you pour yourself a keyboard, immediately turn the keyboard of the keyboard to the ground and remove the battery, including the adapter. This prevents liquid from reaching the base plate and preventing short circuits when disconnecting the power supply. You do not have to accept the complaint with me in the service (and in most cases do not accept it) and you will have to pay for the repair in full. Do not rush the dried notebook, give it a few days.

IBM ThinkPad s kl

Niit mete i lstiv

What would be me cunning not to pour into the keyboard your mugs of flowers and accidentally throw a laptop out the window? We exchange muscles for the brain and make the eye work podn zatopme. The bites inside the pot cannot withstand heat, so the vemon-makers dream of limiting it. But if you cover your breath chilled, not even James Bond will take the laptop. All you have to do is place it on the bed (ie a laptop, not a Bond), the soft coating will block it from cold and hot air, and the temperature inside will probably not rise. Thanks to me, the advantage that the heat returns the plastics back to the pot, within a few minutes the temperature will rise by a degree. New laptops have thermal protection and shut down on their own when the processor is turned on, so even if you don’t use it, you can at least reduce the life of all components.


Of all the components, heat is most likely caused by the hard drive. From the long-term experience of Google, which owns a static disk, the optimum temperature for disks is approximately 30 – 40 ° C, higher temperatures than 45 ° C should be avoided. The worst is the nhl temperature change if you are traveling, do not turn on the laptop immediately after leaving the house, but leave the disc at room temperature. When using, keep the notebook on a level surface to allow it to cool. If, for example, using the help of this program after pressing the “Sensors” button, it gets hot in the notebook (processor temperature above 60 ° C, disk above 50 ° C), it is better to buy some pad cooler.


Leaving aside the optical drive, the hard drive is the last mechanical drive inside the computer. In addition to the motor, which takes care of the plate, there are also heads in the disc oscillating above the surface of the plates. As long as the discs were relatively long, the user treated them gently, and with the decreasing price, the bag also got into the hands of an untrained consumer who did not carry it at all. The first rule is therefore with the disk (or the whole laptop) netstso that the heads do not spread the surface of the plates. If you restart the pot “hard”, wait a few seconds before switching it on again, the heads will not park. Treat the sun disk and defragment it regularly, keeping your most valuable data on it. The blink is then indicated with the disc by its calibration, which you can tell by the loud click.

If the laptop adds at least a little, insure it with software. Browse obscene pages, read e-mails from unknown addresses and do not hesitate to open the pregnantbush.exe desktop immediately. Pota will soon be infected with various viruses and other weeds, which will suffocate the performance of the processor and reduce the response during work. Then, as a professional, enter “Windows” in the search box and read all your experience from the proper operating system. Do the same in discussions about the quality of individual brands of laptops, always add two or three blinking smilies for knowledge of the issue and do not throw handcuffs. In your surroundings, according to the name of the manufacturer of your laptop, and first come up with a few friends who have the same or even a mountain of experience with this feature – you will not be alone in this oven!

Vista vs. XP

You will most likely run your laptop with Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Due to the fact that it is the most natural, it reveals such an unrivaled number of security drills that can be abused. Don’t open suspicious files, don’t confirm deep ones you don’t want. Even with this simple measure preventing a large number of commands, it is good to install an antivirus program, and above all to use a quality firewall. These two basic systems often include software for removing spyware, adware, malware, etc. Do not forget to update all these systems, including the operating system itself, in the form of downloadable updates and payments.

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If you like it and you can do it and do without the edges of games, which are in the overwhelming weather for Windows, you can try other operating systems. You can find an extension about Linux here, and these pages will help you choose a suitable distribution. Known for popularity is the Mac OS, which comes with MacBook laptops from the American manufacturer Apple.

Linux is evil

You have a lot of money and just own a regular laptop with a durable construction and quality materials, which is free from dust and water. You have a flawless operating system, use a modern solid state drive instead of a hard drive and cool the components nitrogen. Congratulations and we wish you a long summer of happy fun!