Last minute view – USB games for sweat

Last minute view – USB games for sweat

Probably everyone knows some kind of game that works when plugged into a computer’s USB port. It probably doesn’t work very easily in my life, but sometimes to buy something similar, when not at Christmas?

After a completely serious article about laptop accessories, we can choose USB toys and accessories available on the market. Such “accessories” can be more fun and not serve in everyday life, prices are favorable, so you can buy at the last minute without this mistake. In the discussion, he gave tips and links to related goods as well as experiences with individual products.

USB can

We’ll make a bomb for every workstation right away – literally. However, this weapon does without the effect of Cobra 11, and is thus completely inconvenient for home use. He only fought with mkk pny, so you don’t have to worry about the health of passing civilians. You can come across several types with a range and a six meter. It is controlled by means of the included software, as the movements of the mouse move the horizontal and vertical position of the arm thanks to the motor inside the “palm”. After incorporation, all you have to do is confirm the launch and let the enemy disappear in a cloud of dust. Captain’s order!


Rocket launcher

Word search words: USB kann, USB rocket launcher; Price from 790 K

USB semafor

If you prefer to play your kite on a traffic cop, don’t hesitate and give him a traffic light. It serves primarily as a mood barometer, similar to the one commissioned by Navarro in front of his office. The difference is in size (height only 12.5 cm) and so in equipment. This traffic light contains a practical USB hub with those ports and voice tags for 10-second notes. Navarro is just seeing me.

Traffic lights

Traffic lights

Search word: USB semaphore; Price from 400 K

USB ashtray

What can I think of in a trash can so that it can be connected to USB? Well, you should install a filter to keep it out of the room. Due to the increasing price of cigarettes and the stubborn reaction of them to smoking more, it is more than a practical drek. It is also possible to power pairs of fat batteries.


Search word: USB ashtray; Price from 500 K

USB achy

For all those who are just grinding their five moves, there is a relatively cheap alternative to acha pot. Thanks to the pilot of the program, it is possible to start your life in one of three levels of difficulty, send an unobserved set of pieces to someone you are catching and save your record speed in the results of the list. Dimensions 29 x 26 x 1 cm, supported operating system Windows XP.

Word search words: USB achy, USB chess; Price from 890 K

USB shredder

Here’s her con veker fun. You need to discard a piece of paper and you have nothing in your hands that could tear it. A USB shredder enters the scene of the bag, which saves the hero from the whole situation and finally ends with a happy ending. The limiting factor is only the size of the paper, in the format not A6 it does not fit into the mini shredder. If you want to shred A4, you have to peloit it first. Powered by USB, it can also provide 4 grease batteries, the dimensions of the shredder are 160 x 120 x 140 mm.


Word search words: USB shredder, Mini USB shredder; Price from 750 K

USB lednika

Stylish cooler boxes for one can measuring 192 x 90 x 80 mm and 365 g. The drink can be cooled to 2-3 ° C in twenty minutes, similar to the previous product, it is connected to the USB port only for power supply. If the refrigerator gets boring, look at the price. Such two refrigerators at once will not appear under the tree, you will be original!


Word search words: USB refrigerator, USB mini refrigerator; Price from 900 K

USB ohva

This dam does not look as stylish as the previous “frost”, it can cool and heat the bag. Cool until 20 ° C, then 22 ° C. USB here is only used for power supply, it can be replaced by an external adapter, which is not part of the delivery. You can read the review of this summer here, we have very good experience and we did not notice any problems even with you energy.

USB power cooler - composition

Search word: USB ohva; Price from 650 K

USB kvtina

When we have flowers, there are always only worries with them… With this new flower, on the contrary, you blow away worries, the interior has managed to tastefully integrate the injection into them. If the new owner gets an exclamation mark, it will not be from an allergy. There are a number of other intrusions on the market with a different look, but this one is definitely not lost under the tree.

Flower Fun

Word search words: USB fun flower, USB injection; Price from 400 K, other winds from 150 K

USB lampika

How else to end up on the website, not with a lamp designed for notebooks. Whatever makes me look sedentary, I can light it up and, during long winter evenings, remind the new owner to see the written text on the keyboard. If anyone has a secret, be sure to take your breath away with this lamp!

USB flashes

Word search word: USB lamp; Price from 150 K

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