Jean-Pierre Raffarin: Edouard Philippe is “up to the task”

Jean-Pierre Raffarin: Edouard Philippe is “up to the task”

Former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin is the guest of the “4 Vérités” of France 2 on Thursday 16 January.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin: Edouard Philippe

He certainly resigned from the Senate in 2017, but Jean-Pierre Raffarin continues to closely follow national policy. And in particular what the majority is doing, to whom he gave his support for the European elections of May 2019. The former Prime Minister therefore unsurprisingly supports the pension reform driven by the one who now occupies Matignon. For Raffarin, Édouard Philippe is “up to the situation“.

End of the strike

Jean-Pierre Raffarin joins the statements of the Prime Minister on Wednesday January 15, the strike has lasted too long. “The strike will end up costing more than the reform“, Warns the former tenant of Matignon, before continuing:“Who are the first victims? The most fragile French“.According to him, “the government did its job, with a compromise“. The number of strikers may drop, but a hard core of protest persists in blocking part of the rail traffic. Speaking to Phillipe Martinez, the head of the CGT, Jean-Pierre Raffarin assures him: “He will not have the withdrawal“. He urges the union leader to fall into line. “In a democracy, you have to respect the majority.”