Intrusion at the CFDT headquarters in Paris: what happened?

Intrusion at the CFDT headquarters in Paris: what happened?

Thirty demonstrators briefly invaded the CFDT headquarters in Paris at midday on Friday. An action claimed by a “RATP-SNCF coordination”.

Journalists in front of the CFDT headquarters in Paris on January 17, 2020, after the intrusion announced by Laurent Berger (PHILIPPE LAVIEILLE / MAXPPP)

Opponents of the pension reform broke into “violently” Friday in the premises of the CFDT in Paris, where they have “Verbally and physically attacked employees”, denounced Friday, January 17 in a tweet the secretary general of the confederation, Laurent Berger. What happened ?

Coordination officially without a union label

The “RATP-SNCF coordination” which claimed the invasion of the premises of the CFDT recalls another, a coordination of railway workers active in 2018, during the long dotted strike against the reform of the SNCF. She had notably demonstrated in front of the premises where a meeting of the inter-union CGT-CFDT-SUD-UNSA was taking place, deemed too soft and suspected of wanting to lift the strike. Officially, this coordination therefore does not have a union label, it asserts itself from the grassroots. But one of its main speakers, Anasse Kazib, very present in the media and visible on the videos shot today at the CFDT headquarters, is a member of SUD-Rail and he does not hide, moreover, his activism within ‘a minority current of the NPA, the New Anti-Capitalist Party.

The CFDT in the sights of many social networks

The demonstrators that we were able to meet during the last inter-professional days of mobilization are in general not kind to the CFDT, accused, roughly speaking, of betraying the cause of the employees by accepting the principle of the point system and of making a pact with the government . But this rejection is not new and is not limited to this specific subject. For example, the CFDT headquarters had been vandalized in 2016 during the movement against the El Khomri law, with the same accusations in the background. A formula which sums up this state of mind, moreover often circulates in the demonstrations: “The day slavery will be restored, the CFDT will negotiate the weight of the chains“…

Tension higher after 43 days of strike

These incidents usually occur when the prospects of victory for the strikers have receded and when the general mobilization seems to be weakening. There is at this time a lot of frustration, bitterness, among some who have invested in the strike and who lost a lot financially, sometimes more than a month’s salary. Hence the more or less controlled excesses, which moreover escape the union leadership. The official press release of the CGT, yet opponent of the CFDT, seems on this point without any ambiguity to denounce the action taken today.