Fabien Roussel: The pension reform proposes an “American social project”

Fabien Roussel: The pension reform proposes an “American social project”

The national secretary of the French Communist Party is the guest of the “4 Vérités” on Friday January 17th.

Fabien Roussel: The pension reform proposes a "American society project"

The day after a new day of mobilization, in protest against the pension reform, the boss of the PCF is still considering the possible withdrawal of the text. The strike is entering its 44th day, and has “that lasted too long“, According to the Prime Minister, promoter of the project. “You have to know how to withdraw a law when it causes so much damage, so much anger, so much opposition in the country“, Answers Fabien Roussel.

Continue the mobilization

Fabien Roussel is categorical, with this reform, we are moving towards a “system by capitalization”, as well as a “American society project“. For him, “pension funds are at the heart of the bill today“.

The boss of the PCF remains optimistic, and believes in the continuation of the mobilization. According to him, there is still a “very broad opposition ”to the government’s plan, since the French“have all done their calculations, and they saw that with this pension reform, they would lose“. Before concluding : “Never have I seen so much mobilization, so diverse in the country, so many professions“. The day of action on Thursday, January 16 brought together nearly 28,000 people in the street, according to the independent firm Occurence.