Do you want to beat the pot?  Then u zbv just play go

Do you want to beat the pot? Then u zbv just play go

The game go stle resists the current power of the pot and is thus one of the last places where you just go to heat the hunter.

While the world-famous Russian achista Garri Kasparov lost it in 1997 to an acha duel with the then state-of-the-art Deep Blue pot, in the old he go boards, even a pot potio can’t get the brain of the best games yet. The machines in some of the oldest game boards in the world with professional games regularly lose and, according to experts, it will take some time and time, the constructions do not have enough power to cope better with the astronomical number of variants that the game offers.

“Go has an incomparable number of variants of the game and it is the last logic game, and they are not able to beat the strongest game,” said TK Tom Grosser from the Czech go association The Czechs will represent the Czech Republic at the autumn world championships in these boards in Korea.

According to Grosser, millions of rewards are being announced in the world in dollars for the creators of a potting program that can enjoy professional play. “Even though the programmer specializes in development, dark programs are still on the level of moderately strong games,” Grosser said.

The programmers stand in front of a very difficult place. There are a huge number of game variants in the game, and the human brain can still handle them. “Oh, they have a number of variants that corresponds to 200 zeros, while in go it is zero 800. The number of variants in go is not the number of atoms in space,” Grosser said. “They will have to introduce new technology, which has significantly accelerated the pot,” Grosser said.

ei znaj go about pl stolet. First, 53 years ago, the first ever European tournament took place in Mnek pod Brdy, which was marked as zero round. In the Czech Republic, about 300 games are now actively played, and with this board game, even two games that have completed the Asian rounds have been changed to go. “People who go around hrt can be with us thousands, even tens of thousands,” said Grosser.

According to Grosser, the best place to play belongs to the European spades. “In the junior and student categories, I dare say that we are full of food. We have European, junior and student champions of Europe. Twice we managed to have the absolute vice-champion of Europe. It’s hard in the world of fodder, because there are Asian professional players who are still a long way ahead of them, ”said Grosser.

A game board, stones and opponents are necessary for the go game. It is a game for two games, which place a stone on the player full in the shape of square st. Clem is to surround as many opponent’s stoves as possible and at the same time border as many lands as possible. “The rules are very simple, so even children should learn hrt go,” Grosser said.

The game Go originated at least 4000 years ago. From there, it gradually spread to the whole of the entrance Asia, where it is still very popular.