Acer laptop long-term test completed.  How did it turn out?

Acer laptop long-term test completed. How did it turn out?

A year ago, we published a review of an Acer laptop, which was added for long-term testing. Pinme the results and we start put the bike.

Acer does not have a good reputation in terms of reliability, it is the best-selling on our market, and users’ complaints are thus more often visible than other brands. The uprising is a very important matter, so we decided to test laptops according to the non-standard few weeks and provide information from a different perspective.

Acer TravelMate 6292 Pette’s original review
Acer TravelMate 6292

Unlike a number of other brands, which, thanks to their reputation, would not have to be and quietly turn on their machines for a period of time, Acer accepted the possibility that something would break down somewhere, and was the first to provide one of its laptops to the editorial office.

The boldness of this step is underlined by the well-known fact that newspapers do not behave very nicely with the things involved. Looking at some laptops, which come from competing newsrooms, many average users with common sense would shed a tear.

After a short knee, how to treat a laptop and how not to break it as soon as possible, Acer traveled to the Technet editorial office. He traveled to many cities in the Czech Republic, and went to Eneva, Germany, France, Italy and Las Vegas. He averaged about 6 hours a day, on weekends he usually didn’t even turn off. We had a total of 215 days and it practically not a day.

From any long-term testing, we do not intend to give a twist to the manufacturer, pop. model series, or differences in individual models can be huge. He gave it all a bad luck and received just a piece that has a hidden defect straight from the factory. In such a case, we wanted to describe the experience with the service and its approach to the customer.

I personally expected that we would bring some information to the Editor’s Day every month. To my great surprise, the bag was nothing but pst – the shortcomings were described in the review and Acer worked like a watch.

After moving the notebook, the mechanical parts of the notebook and its surface were inspected. It proved to be very resistant to scratching, the foam did not leave traces on it. The joints of the display have no effect, the connection of the individual dl is thus without a sign of loss of strength.

Acer TravelMate 6292

Acer TravelMate 6292

The keyboard became the first error detected for the first time, about 1 month after which the key (1) stopped responding correctly. It is sometimes necessary to press it again, other errors have not been recorded. Some of the keys bothered the first days of the day, so you can get used to the bag and there were no birds to the keyboard.

Acer TravelMate 6292

Acer TravelMate 6292

We tested the notebook again with the PCMark05 program and compared the long results with the original names. All components inside the computer (memory, processor, disk, graphics card) are still in the same condition as when carrying a laptop. We’re new 3 667 that compared to the original 3,692 – practically identical result.

The noise has not changed subjectively, when the laptop is still able to hear more, it is not normal. It is probably due to dust in the cooler that is slightly more noticeable in the lower left corner, where the hard drive is located. This temperature at normal use is 42 ° C, in these tests and 48 ° C. After a year, the temperature rose by about 2 ° C, or at the stopper the test disc had a temperature of 40 ° C in normal mode and 45-46 ° C at the cut.

But the most important parameter is battery. During a year of intensive training, there is enough time for the capacity to decrease for low-quality lines, so we tested it again in the standard editorial way. In Windows Media Player, we let the music be played with the visualization turned on and the maximum value of the display brightness, the power profile was set to the power mode. Unlike the first currency, when the laptop lasted 2 hours and 28 minutes, we have worked our way up to values 2 hours and 9 minuteswhat is piblin o 13% mn. The result is not completely unpleasant, during the day the bag is low in the battery and the battery is not charged, it is not normal.

Some summers: Acer surprised. The quality of workmanship was significantly higher and, in addition to the design, the construction also changed. Firmly withstood virtually no signs of travel asthma, the only flaw being the phenomenon of only one key. Your wall is on the side of users who did not care about the notebook – at least once every few months, it pays to gently blow the cooling system with a vacuum cleaner. In short, the short running time on the battery and your weight bothered, which was also the main thing in the original review.

After a full year, the price dropped very dramatically, in a better configuration, the Acer TravelMate 6292 can now be purchased from 31,000 K including VAT.

We start right away with this beast put the test wheels, which includes two laptops purchased by us. The first one is the Dell XPS M1330, you can read its review here. The second laptop is the Lenovo ThinkPad R61, which we introduced here.

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