“We are back to the block”: the deputies of the majority satisfied with their meeting with Emmanuel Macron

“We are back to the block”: the deputies of the majority satisfied with their meeting with Emmanuel Macron

The head of state received the deputies of the majority for two hours Tuesday evening at the Elysee.

Emmanuel Macron at the Élysée on February 11 at the Élysée.  (GR? GORY YETCHMENIZA / MAXPPP)

Emmanuel Macron received on Tuesday February 11 in the evening at the Elysee the deputies of the majority, LREM, Modem, UDI and Agir to try to calm tensions, especially after the case of parental bereavement leave and while the project of pension reform is discussed in the National Assembly.

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It was not “Not a crop”, assured Tuesday evening on franceinfo Olivier Véran, LREM deputy of Isère. “This would imply that there would be faults or malfunctions. It was a time of exchange between the president and his majority ”, says Oliver Véran. “There was no question of forgiving yourself anything, also corrects Yaël Braun-Pivet, Member of Parliament for Yvelines. It was important for us and the president to remind us who we were, that is, a diverse majority. ”

“We went back to full force and we set off again motivated”, looseeven Guillaume Chiche, deputy for Deux-Sèvres, after this two-hour meeting in the village hall of the Elysee, with about 320 deputies out of the 380 who make up the majority. “I think that some needed to be reboosted in their commitment, continues Yaël Braun-Pivet. It’s true that a meeting between us and the President of the Republic feels good. ”

A “great debate” between elected members of the majority

The deputy for Isère, Olivier Véran, explains that he liked the form of the meeting, “The model ‘sitting around the president’, a bit like a big debate”. First of all, the head of state “Made a motivating introductory speech on pension reform”. Emmanuel Macron then had a word “For farmers, traders, the self-employed who stay on a very small pension”. The president has “Reassured” deputies with a speech “Turned towards the future and who rejects the idea of ​​immobility”.

The president called on parliamentarians “Individually” and a “Opposed unity and uniformity”. “He called us not to sit on our convictions. It is ten thousand leagues from the discourse of a ‘godillot’ majority. He called us to assume the differences that we might have ”, says Olivier Véran.

“On a pu s’exprimer”, adds Olivier Véran. “I was not worried when I arrived at the Elysée, nor am I when I left.” According to him, “There is not a sheet of cigarette paper between the President of the Republic and his majority”, despite the controversy after the refusal of elected LREM to extend the bereavement leave of a child. “There was no real quarrel, confirms on franceinfo Anne-Christine Lang, LREM member of Paris. Even if there was this delicate moment with some rather unfortunate remarks. ”

The left wing of the party remains cautious

While the majority has pitched like never before in recent weeks, can it unite in one evening before the battle for pensions and the municipal elections? Yes, provided that the rhetoric are followed by effects, warns the leader of the left wing, Jean-François Césarini. “To be continued… All is not well in the best of all possible worlds but it has to be done. If it’s ‘business as usual’ next week, we’ll say ‘we’re ok, it’s great’, finally we agree in principle but in reality, nothing has changed, says the elected representative of Vaucluse. Now, we really have to artwork all together to make things happen. ”