So we did it – ASUS Eee goes on sale

So we did it – ASUS Eee goes on sale

It sounds unbelievable, but after a few delays, the ASUS Eee will start selling in the Czech Republic. Let’s know the date and the final price.

Only a monotonous noise of the wind could be heard in the editorial office, the stillness of the dead was heard. Into this atmosphere, she first saw the arrest of the sale of the most famous portable pot in the last few years. We were happy to throw away a few mugs with a cold flower, the illustrated photo itself got ivj colors and the sun now smiles more.

ASUS Eee, which broke up the standing waters with small pots and gained huge popularity around the world, was supposed to initially appear in our market about a few months after the release of reviews. The date has shifted several times, we expected it on the market in June. Official sale of the esk version of Zane in half a quintal, the price starts on 7990 K for version with 4GB disk.


What do you need to know?
Pette a complete review of ASUS Eee

It wasn’t worth it, we expected the price to be five hundred crowns in the autumn. With increasing time and more sales versions, you can expect to drive it dreamily.

ASUS Eee specifications
  • Procesor Intel Celeron M 353 (900 MHz, 512 kB L2 cache, 400 MHz FSB)
  • Pam a 1 GB
  • Disk and 4, 8 or 16 GB, SSD
  • GMA 900 graphics
  • Displej 7 ″, 800 x 480, matn
  • Rozhran: 3x USB, teka karet (SD, MMC), VGA, 2x audio
  • Dal communication: wi-fi 802.11 b / g, ethernet 10/100
  • Dal vbava: webcam (except Surf version)
  • Operan systm Xandros (Linux), Win XP
  • Rozmry 225 x 160 x 20-32 mm
  • Weight 926 grams
  • Price from 7 990 K incl. VAT

Jet pr informac…

The “ka” is slowly becoming a cult matter. Owners on blogs or community websites post instructions on how to improve your ASUS. About how easy it is to install a touch screen, we informed here, gave the tutorials contain enhanced for mobile internet or you flowing fingerprint.

Deliveries to the Czech Republic stretched due to great interest, with foreign markets having the main problem to meet demand. The gap in the market has been filled by several online stores, which only offer the original version in English localization.

If you want to learn, you can buy a “mobile internet device” from abroad. On American e-shops, you will find a small ASUS starting at $ 300, which is about 4,800 K at the daily exchange rate. Although ASUS provides a worldwide reputation for laptops, ASUS Eee does nen klasifikovn jako notebook. For questions on how to shop from abroad, we have started here.

A version with a vtm display and a better processor is currently being prepared. It is not known when it will reach us before, but it is not for sale abroad.