Pension reform: two LREM deputies ask Edouard Philippe for details on the “financial feasibility” of the future system

Pension reform: two LREM deputies ask Edouard Philippe for details on the “financial feasibility” of the future system

At the heart of the questions of the two elected officials, “the budgetary impacts of the various compensations” such as the “salary increases” of teacher-researchers or the “CSG reductions” of lawyers and other independent professions.

LREM deputy Emilie Cariou at the National Assembly in Paris, August 9, 2017, and her counterpart Laurent Saint-Martin during an LREM meeting in Chartres (Eure-et-Loir), March 10, 2019 (KARINE PIERRE / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

The controversy continues … and this time even within the majority. Despite Emmanuel Macron’s call to defend the pension reform, two pillars of the Assembly’s finance committee, LREM deputies Emilie Cariou and Laurent Saint-Martin, indicated on Wednesday February 12 that they had written to the Prime Minister for the ‘ask about “Budgetary impacts” of the pension reform.

In this letter dated Tuesday, the two parliamentarians ask about fifteen questions to Edouard Philippe, “In order to judge the financial feasibility of the pension reform”. These do not wear “On the overall cost of the reform but on the budgetary impacts of the various compensations” like the“Wage increases”teacher-researchers or “CSG cuts”lawyers and other independent professions, said the Member of the Meuse.

“A bundle of billions”

Regarding salary increases, “What is the annual additional cost for the State? What is the ramp-up schedule? ” ask for example Emilie Cariou and Laurent Saint-Martin, general budget rapporteur and deputy for Val-de-Marne. Or “Who are the targeted teachers? What will happen to the other teachers? ”

On the drop in the CSG of the self-employed, including lawyers, “What are the annual amounts of lost social contributions and contributions?”“How will the reduction in these revenues be financed?” they ask themselves.

“Nothing is clear”, says Emilie Cariou on a daily basis The world. “Just with the questions of this letter, we are surely already on a bundle of billions”, according to her.

Government promises balance

The letter of the two “marchers” was immediately mentioned to the Assembly in the special pensions committee which, unprecedented fact, failed Tuesday evening to adopt the main part of the reform, drowned in thousands of amendments.

On the other hand, it adopted on Wednesday the organic component of the reform, including a “Golden Rule” which provides for a multi-year trajectory over five years imposing a balanced system.

Asked during the report of the Council of Ministers, the spokesperson of the government, Sibeth Ndiaye, assured of the“Very clear commitment” of the executive in favor of “Golden Rule”, adding that the point value in the future pension system would not decrease.