Parliamentary guerrilla on pension reform

Parliamentary guerrilla on pension reform

As MEPs began examining pension reform, nearly 22,000 amendments were tabled. A strategy of attrition that could force Édouard Philippe to use 49.3.

Parliamentary guerrilla warfare on pension reform:

Nearly 22,000 amendments on pension reform to be examined in nine days. The schedule is tight. In a room of the National Assembly, the special commission is electrified. “You take us for fools and in addition you make fun of us ”, lance the LFI deputy of the North Adrien Quatennens. Since Monday, February 3, exchanges have been flowing, mainly between the majority and La France insoumise.

“Five days that I’m rotting”

The Republic on the march cries out for irresponsible obstruction. The LREM president of the commission, Brigitte Bourguignon, protests: “It’s been five days that I was rotten (…) by people of your political formation. Each time I take a load of insults, it’s a shame, these are not methods ”. Sunday February 9, 17 articles out of 65 are adopted, 3,800 amendments examined, 2,500 inadmissible, there are more than 15,000 remaining. The bill must be discussed in the hemicycle from February 17, but this strategy of usury could force Prime Minister Édouard Philippe to brandish article 49 paragraph 3 of the Constitution and therefore a vote without debate.