Kick the power of your pot.  Prepare it for a holiday pub

Kick the power of your pot. Prepare it for a holiday pub

The holiday fun includes the edges of potato games, download video from the tours and listen to film and music, which he did not attend last year. Pinme tips to improve the performance, ability and properties of your existing potae.

If you are fulfilling the active recreation at night, you may have just found it out of breath. There is no need to send him to the sky heaven, members of his weakest link are pasted to make you enjoy me all summer long.

Please note in advance that the text given in the text is valid for older years, a maximum of two. Ptilet “iron” is suitable for office activities, the Internet, passive multimedia and old games, but you will not play the new gaming market on them even after a long time.

Sound in the window: mnme processor

If you have an AMD processor in your existing computer, you will most likely have a motherboard with both AM2 and AM2 + sockets. Thanks to the declining price processor, it is now possible to get really powerful processors from the Phenom X3 and Phenom X4 series at an affordable price. Although they are designed primarily for boards with an AM2 + socket, they will also work in boards with an old AM2 socket. You just have to deal with the fact that not all their potential will be used, because the AM2 socket does not support the new HT3.0 standard. However, you will get better performance and later you can buy a better board and get the performance again according to.

Ti jdra: AMD Phenom X3 processor

The AMD Phenom X3 core processors offer extreme multimedia performance in optimized applications for a solid price of around 3,000-3,500 K. It is currently a processor with a suitable power / price ratio.

tyi jdra: processor AMD Phenom X4

The new revision of the B3 eliminated many shortcomings of the Phenom processor, and AMD also reduced the price of weekly models by very low – even the most expensive of them does not exceed the amount of 5,000 K (including VAT). The price / performance ratio is not as suitable as for the X3.

Procesor Intel Core 2 Duo E7200

If you have an Intel processor in your computer, you most likely have a motherboard with a Socket 775 socket (some Pentium 4, Pentium D, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo…). You can choose from a wide range of processors, from available and extremely powerful.

Easy-to-contact dual-core: Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 processor

For a similar price as in the AMD Phenom X3, there is a 45nm Intel E7200 processor on the market. It is based on the E8xxx series, in addition to half the size of the slow FSB buffer, however, as a result it is only negligibly slow on the same frequency than the E8xxx series, but at a much lower price. And what’s most of the game – it has a real extreme clock potential. The price / performance ratio is very good.

Brutln vkony tyjdra: procesor Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300

Intel is slowly rejuvenating its series of Core processor by 45nm models. However, the whole thing is getting pretty thinner and with the availability of 45nm Intel processors, especially weekly models, that’s not the way to go. In addition, the cheapest today costs a lot over 5,000 K and is called the Q9300 model.

Unfortunately, performance in 99.9% of applications does not differ from the 65nm model to the same frequency. Consumption of the bag decreased due to the current heat demand. Of course, given the prices, there is no good price / performance ratio at all. But if you want luxury and performance, you don’t have to grind over – Core 2 Quad is the first choice.

CPU power in video games. You can find the test on here.

The results of the test clearly show that even different differences are not bad for the performance of the processor, and even in the highest different processors for 1,500 crowns, the processor can be completely matched by any drama or more clocked. Therefore, replacing the processor pays off especially if you want to process video recordings from digital cameras.

Graphics cards for the latest games

At the same time, the cheap processors have a lot of power and the power is higher, especially on the graphics card. Surprisingly, even the cheap ones today have enough power for most of the current games, if you choose a different one. You have to pay a little for high resolution and full details.

High game performance at a low price: ATI Radeon HD3850

Graphics card with the best price / performance ratio on the market. For the price of around 2,000 crowns today for the 512MB version, you will get a graphics card, which in most games gives maximum details in a reasonable resolution, suitable for 22 “LCD, for example. A short cut for a lot of music. Due to its performance, the actual exchange of prices is this minimal game graphics card. If you have some star models, the DH3850 is a great choice.

The performance of graphics cards in video games. You can find the test on here.

ATI Radeon HD3850

New krl die price – vkon: ATI Radeon HD4850

The successor to the HD3850 (but it will be made according to it and is thus half cheaper) has the well-known 55nm graphic core RV770. At first glance, this card is visually identical to the HD3850 model, however, the new core provides the card with the performance that graphics cards currently have for 5,000-7,000 crowns (GF8800GTS – 9800GTX). The price of the card is a bag slightly below 4,000 K.

Along with the HD4850 ​​model, the HD4870 model has appeared, which is the first graphics card to have 512MB of GDDR5 memory at an ultimate frequency of 4.0 GHz! The number of power compared to the HD4850 ​​will be about 25%, its price is below 6,000 K. Both cards have the support of the latest DX10.1.

ATI Radeon HD4850

The biggest graphics core on the market: NVIDIA GTX 280

The most powerful graphics card contains both the 65n GT200 core, which is the largest graphics core ever. Its area of ​​574 mm2 – for comparison, the mainstream 55nm RV770 m only 256 mm2.

The card has 512bit memory bus and 1GB GDDR3 memory. Its power should be about 25-30% above the power of the long model 9800GX2. But the price will attack the price of 14,000 K with VAT. In addition, a modified version with a 55nm GT200 core will appear next to it, which will have much lower consumption and heat exposure. It is expected that in mid-August it will perform a very good model ATI Radeon HD4870X2, probably for its price.

In addition, the GTX 260/280 unfortunately only supports DX10.0, not DX10.1. Improved version of DX10 performs some operations with a significant demand for performance, but in the same visual quality.

Anyway, these cards have a completely different 22 “LCD and 24” LCD power with absolutely unusable power, and it pays to think about them perhaps the only owner of a 30 “LCD.

Sound cards for nron game and listeners

Excellent sound card for a good price: ASUS XONAR DX

ASUS started playing sound cards and its creation seemed. For a solid price, we have a great sound card, which according to the test of a qualitatively good competitor and its main motto are problem-free drivers under Windows Vista, both under 32bit and 64bit versions! This is exactly the same in the case of the expensive ASUS Xonar D2X model, which offers an interesting and exclusive workmanship.

Compared to the normally integrated sound cards on the motherboard, you get a strong quality sound, ie if you connect enough quality speakers. By using non-integrated sound of the card, you get a little performance in the game due to the CPU load.


Stable performance even in summer heat

Skuten BIG cooler: Scythe Orochi SCORC- 1000

Is it clear that the sweat in the hot summer months is hot? Easy help. The huge Scythe Orochi is one of the coolers – it is the largest on the market. Its main motto is the fact and cooling of any processor. A certain inconvenience is the fact that many skins do not fit at all.

You can find the test of gigantic cooling on here.

Scythe Orochi SCORC- 1000

Control under control

The best PC we on the market: Razer Lachesis

Currently the best pots on the market. Razer has used all his previous experience and the result is us who combines the best of all models. It has the best sensor available today, with a relay resolution of 4,000 Dpi.

We have perfect marrow, perfect workmanship and perfect controls. If you are thinking about hern myi, you should consider this model. The price is high, around 2,000 K, but it does so.

Razer Lachesis

We as a pistol: Zalman FPSGUN

Zalman has launched a really interesting myi model. This is a rodent game. Strange as it may seem, it is really very common in FPS games – it is debatable elsewhere to use it. In any case, it is an interest that has something to offer in specific cases.


Danger keyboard: Razer Tarantula

Game keyboards have a world place on the market, one of them is, for example, Razer Tarantula, which offers truly excellent workmanship and excellent functionality. However, the relatively high price is inappropriate. And so the debatable pnos hern klvesnice ve he.

Razer Tarantula

Hern klvesnice without compromise: ZBOARD

A little different workmanship is offered by the hellsheet ZBOARD. It can be used interchangeably for both classic and game rooms. In addition, the manufacturer still has new and new visual processing thematically related to the latest game titles. From the point of view of the game, it is really a usable and pleasant keyboard.


Steering wheel for realistic seduction: Logitech G25

Of course, the game room on the PC also includes a steering wheel for the introduction of racing games (for example, Race Driver Grid). The Logitech G25 steering wheel offers excellent and durable workmanship – only plastics, metal and keychain.

It has a 6-quality add-on lever and 3 clutch pedals. Not without a mistake. For example, the outside of the steering wheel could be irritated and different from each other. Everybody as a gaming steering wheel is about everything else. The price corresponds to that. Hern zitek is 95% better than on the keyboard…

Logitech G25

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