HP introduced a multi-touch display

HP introduced a multi-touch display

Hewlett-Packard today introduced an enhanced version of its touch screen coating system. This touch control controls the screen on the cheap segment.

The world’s largest maker of personal sweat Hewlett-Packard today unveiled a new generation of personal sweat, the main feature of which will be a hit at the same time – control with the touch of a finger on the monitor. The American company wants to move touch control from the luxury category to the mass market with the TouchSmart All-in-One product line. The original system was introduced last year and was based on the old concept of Athens.

The TouchSmart system allows users to work with photos, music, video, the Internet, or TV shows by touching and moving their fingers across the monitor. Pota’s line-up was $ 1,299, just over $ 20,000, the company said today at a presentation in Berlin.

Todd Bradley, vice president of the Personal Systems corporate division, which includes personal computers, laptops and mobile devices, wants to set a trend with the new touch system and create a new market. “We do not consider it to be on the fringes of all markets. Let’s think of it as a global product that will inspire demand and generate enough, ”Bradley told Reuters.

HP introduced the touch system the day after Apple introduced a new version of its groundbreaking iPhone mobile device. This product brought touch control of the display among the masses and initiated the creation of a series of similarly functioning devices. Bradley said that HP would imitate Apple and pointed out that the company had been developing its technology for some time.

The company is basically preparing for a new OS from Microsoft, which, according to the available information, can control the first touch. tte vce: Ballmer: New Windows will come in 2009 with touch control

The new TouchSmart personal computer will go on sale in July in 17 countries, all with the USA and Japan. Some analysts believe that Hewlett-Packard will make this product a long run ahead of its competitors, especially the world’s number two Dell and Asian manufacturers.