Guillaume Peltier (LR): “Macronism is a shipwreck”

Guillaume Peltier (LR): “Macronism is a shipwreck”

Guillaume Peltier, vice-president of the Republicans and deputy for Loir-et-Cher, is the guest of the “4 Vérités” de France 2 on Tuesday 4 February.

Guillaume Peltier:

The examination of the bill on pension reform began Monday, February 3 in a special committee to the National Assembly. Almost 22,000 amendments have been tabled. Is it improving the law or playing the obstruction? “The pension system must be reformed. (…) Since we are living longer, we have to work longer. On one condition, since we will make this collective effort, the reform must be fair, readable, clear“, Warns Guillaume Peltier on Tuesday February 4 in the“4 Truths“. The Republican right defends a”counter-project”In the National Assembly and shoots red balls on the majority. “Macronism is a shipwreck, En Marche is a drunken boat“, Launches the vice-president of the Republicans (LR). The latter denounces a “deep contempt for Parliament“, With reference to the rapid examination of the text and strongly criticizes the fact that the modalities of financing of the reform are not yet known. “We ask the president to review his copy“.

Establish secularism

Knowing that the battle for pensions has already been lost, LR elected officials are focusing on a subject that will weigh heavily during the next presidential election: secularism. “We ask that, in the Constitution, secularism becomes a fundamental, non-negotiable value“, Launches Guillaume Peltier. Admittedly, this theme is usually the prerogative of the National Rally (RN), but LR intends to get down to it. “The RN denounces, it offers nothing. We propose ourselves“. The deputy for Loir-et-Cher refers in particular to the constitutional bill tabled Monday, February 3 in the Senate, and which proposes to add to the triptych “freedom, equality, fraternity“, A fourth pillar, which is that of the“secularism“.