François Hollande: “There cannot be a pension reform without justice”

François Hollande: “There cannot be a pension reform without justice”

François Hollande was the guest of the “4 Vérités” de France 2 on Thursday 13 February. He publishes the book “Leur République” which explains to young people, in particular, the workings of French institutions. But the former head of state also returned to pension reform.

Francois Hollande :

François Hollande does not like the pension reform led by the government of Emmanuel Macron and Édouard Philippe. On the set of “4 Vérités”, Wednesday February 13, the former President of the Republic violently tackled the text defended by the government: “I found [que cette réforme] had been badly prepared, badly presented and badly constructed. Today, it is well misunderstood because many worry“. According to François Hollande, at present, “the best would probably be to give the French the explanations that are necessary and the guarantees“. In his opinion, “today, there are no guarantees that can tell everyone what their retirement will be tomorrow“. And to add: “There can be no pension reform without justice“.

François Hollande is not Mila

While he is publishing a book, Their republic, on the workings of the institutions and the values ​​of the French Republic, François Hollande also returned to the issue of secularism, through his opinion on the Mila affair. No, the former president is not Mila: “I am François Hollande, I don’t need to project myself onto another person. On the other hand, is secularism a law contrary to religions, to freedom of conscience? No, it is quite the opposite. Secularism is what enshrines (…) the freedom to believe or not to believe“, Thus judged the former head of state. Before concluding : “In France, there is no state religion (…) But we also have the right to criticize religions. Mila, from her point of view as a young girl, had every right (…) to criticize religion. But, she cannot, like everyone else, me first, have hate speech about people who practice a religion.“.