Protecting Wood


There are some vises readily available that included safety pads. Typically made from an item of thick rubber or softwood, the pads do not relieve the stress on the things in the vise, however they will certainly not note the things the means a vise’s steel side often does. If you have a vise that does not have safety pads, you can quickly make some. Cut 2 items of 18 mm (3/4 in.) thick timber equivalent in dimension to the vise jaws. Glue a magnetic strip onto the sides of the timber. The magnets will certainly hold the padding in position, and also if required they can be conveniently gotten rid of. One more choice is to make an L-shaped lip by screwing 2 items of timber with each other vertical per various other. The items can after that hinge on leading and also over the side of the vise’s jaws. Both approaches will certainly shield the items positioned in the vise, and also offer you accessibility to the steel vise when you require it.