Speculation: The new Apple MacBook m bt is made of one piece of metal

Speculation: The new Apple MacBook m bt is made of one piece of metal

A new laptop from Apple can get a completely new design. Information appears on foreign websites that it may be made of one piece of clay.

Of course, this is only the bottom length, the lid of the display will be attached to the rest of the laptop with the help of a hinge. The uniformity of the lower part is also a well-known rarity.

If the American manufacturer succeeds in fulfilling this sequence, we can prove a very solid construction, which will be similarly similar to a few lengths. The screws and the various joints connecting the individual parts usually start to show up over time. Thanks to the absence of all mechanical connections, we could achieve a very thin profile, which boasts, for example, the MacBook Air.

The big drawback is the expensive production, the preparation of the MacBook with the label Brick (Brick) will be one of Apple’s models. The cost will be likely to be replaced if it is damaged.

As Apple always hides all the details and doesn’t want to speculate a lot about its new laptop, the secret turned out to be a good advertising stroke. For the time being, we only know that it will probably be a laptop with a lesser depth of not 13.3 ″ Air and that it will be officially launched on June 14 this year.

In the end, the information was only confirmed. The new MacBook has a keyboard cover made of one piece of metal, which also contains grips for all components. It also has a bottom cover with a removable battery. At the same time, the information about the name of the column was not confirmed, all new MacBooks are manufactured using a similar method (ronk 2008-2009). Find out more in the review

The novelty will appeal especially to all rock fans of Apple, which is famous for its mp3 playback on the iPod or the famous and damn iPhone mobile phone. Currently, the MacBook series for home users, the MacBook Pro, offers the most demanding customer performance, and the MacBook Air. It has many fans in the segment of stylish notebooks suitable for money, due to the known limited connectivity. And Apple’s product bag is criticized, the manufacturer has been consolidating its position on the market for several years, and each new product has unleashed a huge wave of damage.