Planned obsolescence: repairability labels to prevent breakdowns

Planned obsolescence: repairability labels to prevent breakdowns

From January 1, 2021, repairability labels will be placed on products to judge their lifespan and prevent breakdowns.

Repairability labels to prevent obsolescence

Colorful logos and a repairability index: from January 1, 2021, major household appliance brands will apply labels to judge the lifespan of products put on sale and, thus, prevent breakdowns. A rating will be assigned based on the type of product, manufacturer’s documentation, ease of disassembly, availability and price of spare parts. The labels will apply to televisions, smartphones, laptops, lawn mowers and washing machines.

Planned obsolescence is punishable by law

On the set of the 13 Hours of France 2, journalist Dorothée Lachaud returned to the notion of planned obsolescence and the products concerned: “On the first step of the podium, we find the printers: ink cartridge problem, paper printing tray. Their lifespan is only three years. Next, behind, washing machines, dishwashers and cell phones. ” In the law, continues the journalist, “planned obsolescence is punishable by a two-year prison sentence and a fine of 300,000 euros“.