New Caledonia: strong tensions around the sale of a nickel plant

The announcement, Wednesday, December 9, of the sale of a nickel plant to an international consortium generated several days of intense tension in New Caledonia.

On the road to Mont-Dore, south of Nouméa (New Caledonia), the roadblocks set up by the separatists disappeared on Monday, December 14. But at every kilometer, the carcasses of charred cars or vandalized shops are so many marks of a week which took place under high tension. It was the announcement of the sale of a nickel plant to an international consortium, Wednesday, December 9, which set fire to the powders.

Loyalists in favor of the sale

The separatists want the structure to remain under the control of the public power and fear the arrival of foreign workers to exploit this resource. Loyalists, loyal to New Caledonia’s attachment to France, mobilized over the weekend to defend the sale project. The climate now seems to be a little calmer.