New Caledonia: “Nickel has supported the development of the island”

New Caledonia: “Nickel has supported the development of the island”

Guest of 11 p.m. Monday December 14, Bastien Vandendyck insists on the importance of nickel for New Caledonia.

New Caledonia: ITW Bastien Vandendyck

From Wednesday, December 9 and for several days, popular anger roared in the south of New Caledonia. At issue: the announcement of the sale of a nickel plant to an international consortium. “3,000 jobs are at stake,” exhibits Bastien Vandendyck, specialist in the geopolitics of the Pacific and guest from 11pm Monday 14 December. For him, this raw material is also “The economic heart of New Caledonia. Nickel has carried the development of the island and that is why anything that touches near or far on this subject is very sensitive. ”

A symptomatic reaction

The separatists therefore mobilized to assert their discontent. “They do not want to see this resource go into the hands of multinationals, explains Bastien Vandendyck. But this is symptomatic of the difficulty that Caledonians have to manage their social and economic problems. New Caledonia can catch fire at any time. ”