Job: the Sanofi laboratory cuts 400 researcher positions

Job: the Sanofi laboratory cuts 400 researcher positions

A voluntary departure plan was launched by the French laboratory Sanofi and aims to cut 400 research positions.

Jobs: Sanofi cuts 400 researcher positions

The French pharmaceutical leader Sanofi will cut 400 jobs for researchers, according to the unions. This ad goes badly with employees. “This is not eligible, we make a lot of profits, we have a lot of money in the company, we have the means to hire and replace people who are leaving“, Considers an employee. This voluntary departure plan comes as the laboratory is far behind in the race for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Delay in the vaccine race?

A consequence of the many job cuts over the past 15 years. “In 2006, there were 11 research sites in France, there we will eventually be at three research sites, and we have lost half of the internal staff in ten years.“, Explains Pascal Collemine, CGT union representative. Management ensures that the disappearance of these jobs does not affect vaccine research and that it continues to invest in research and development. Sanofi must cut 1,000 jobs out of 25,000 within three years.