Industry: the surprising figures for 2020

Industry: the surprising figures for 2020

The industrial sector was not so affected by the crisis of 2020 as it had been by that of 2009. Explanations by the journalist David Boéri on the set of France 3.

Industry: surprising figures for 2020

A study by the Trendeo observatory reveals that the effects of the health crisis were limited on industry in France in 2020. There were 30 relocations last year for 25 relocations. “In 2020 France lost 22 factories compared to 2019, there was no increase in closures but just a slight drop in creations”, explains journalist David Boéri on the France 3 set.

Aeronautics particularly affected

Regarding industrial jobs, the study estimates that 13,886 jobs have been lost. “Most of it comes from the aeronautics sector, which suddenly lost all the jobs created over the past eleven years”, he adds. The financial crisis of 2009 had a much greater impact. “The difference comes from public aid”, notes the journalist. “The solidarity fund has already distributed 14 billion euros in 2020 to two million companies”. Investment aid has also made it possible to finance 223 projects as well as more than 3,000 job creations.