In Strasbourg, the “Magnificent Industry” exhibition brings together artists and manufacturers

In Strasbourg, the “Magnificent Industry” exhibition brings together artists and manufacturers

From June 3 to 13, monumental works will be exhibited in the streets of Strasbourg. Produced thanks to partnerships between artists and industrialists, they will mark the exhibition “The Magnificent Industry”.

Visual artist Daniel Depoutot is known for his mind-blowing animated machines.  (FRANCEINFO)

“The Magnificent Industry” is back in Strasbourg. The exhibition which brings together industrialists and artists will take place from June 3 to 13, three years after the first edition which attracted 300,000 visitors in 2018. The works of art will be visible in the public squares of the Alsatian capital.

Visual artist Daniel Depoutot, known for decades for his mind-blowing animated machines, will be there. He joined forces for the occasion with three companies which became his patrons for the exhibition. He highlights this alliance between industrialists and artists. “The artist does not live only on love and fresh water. He needs patrons to be able to give his full potential ”, he emphasizes.

In Strasbourg, the exhibition "Magnificent Industry" combines artists and industrialists

The brickyard makes its equipment available to a painter

The Wienerberger brickyard in Achenheim, which has been making bricks for 200 years, participated in the first edition in 2018. It was unthinkable for it not to repeat the experience, as explained by Frédéric Didier, its managing director. “It is indeed a way for us to illustrate our products, our industry and our employees who have worked for generations in Alsatian factories. And then the cultural aspect allows a slightly different dimension by diverting the industrial use of the brick and the tile in an artistic and a little magical way ”.

This year, the brickyard is making its equipment and the know-how of its workers available to Patrick Bastardoz, a painter. To create his work, he had to tame the brick and use the tools to transform it. A challenge he enjoyed. “Once you discover the material, you discover shapes inside and there I realized that it was extremely rich and that I could make it malleable”.

The public will be able to appreciate these monumental and unusual works in the streets of Strasbourg in June.