He’s a hunter, people thought when talking to a robot

He’s a hunter, people thought when talking to a robot

The Artificial Intelligence Test revealed that some systems could converse with a hunter, even if it revealed that it was a machine. Many mistakes go to perfection.

“Of course blue,” he didn’t let himself be asked about the color of “his o” computer program involved in Sunday’s technical excellence testing of intelligence at a British university in Reading.

The test was supported by 12 volunteers who suddenly chatted with the hunter and the potato program, or even knew which one. The goal of the experiment was to make pota programs, called the robot model “chatbot” or “cleverbot”, confuse the hunter and convince him that he was conversing with the person.

And the result? One of the programs managed to avenge the people for whom he won a bronze medal in the competition of Loebner’s Art of Intelligence.

“At one point, humor was an element in both conversations. The first thing that confused me was something else, ”one of the volunteers, Ian Andrews, described to the AP for his feelings during the test. He and his colleagues tried to catch the opponent by various jumps, asked about the weather, about the current financial crisis or you about the color o.

In Sunday’s competition, the day from the pot program did not win a gold or silver medal – the “chatbots” would have to accommodate the jury in part of the conversation, not only in the texts, but also in the audiovisual form.

The test stand, based on the British mathematician and logician Alan Turing (1912-1954), according to which the first conversation will tell whether the machine is intelligent or not. According to Turing, from the fact that he can speak like a hunter, the fact can be deduced that like a hunter he can think. The so-called Turing test was later perfected by the American scientist Hugh Loebner, who has been testing intelligence since 1991.

And how did the pot program called elbot, which won a bronze medal in Reading on Sunday, get the jury’s revenge? According to Fred Roberts, who developed the program, elbot robbed some jurors of erta, in which he paradoxically indicated that it was a machine. To the question of one of the testers, how am I doing today, he replied: “I am really miserable today. I didn’t accidentally pour my oil on my snowshoe, but in silence, it also cut me off, I didn’t start doing it. ”