Don’t buy traditions when buying a laptop

Don’t buy traditions when buying a laptop

Don’t run into marketing password slogans or nonsense in discussions. A cheap laptop doesn’t have to be wrong and it’s not wise to damn the “wrong” manufacturer.

Modernize the pub, ie the Czech Internet discussion, pour in a large number of radical opinions. In general topics, you probably have no problem knowing if he only touches the shoulder and clears his ego. The situation is completely different in fields where you do not have an overview.

Laptops can be one of these. There is no reason to follow the market, when we buy them once a year. He prefers to take the advice of the seller or the discussants without taking a long time to get to the truth. And let us advise you or not, use common sense when buying and don’t be fooled by deceptive birds.

1. Skvl – grape maker
“Don’t buy a laptop from the manufacturer XY, for God’s sake, willow chord.” or “I’m buying a YZ for peak quality. Whoever buys something else is, of course, zero. ”

The first group of people will not be interested to know that they had experience with the given manufacturer five years ago and since then the portfolio of offered models has completely changed. Don’t excuse the kind of groups, that no one who doesn’t want to invest more than 20,000 K in a laptop is a “sock”.

The discussion on the darkness of the manufacturer’s quality is based on the overwhelming nature of a limited sample of data, few people have personal experience with many laptops. Like car manufacturers, offer five engines to one car and after 100,000 km praise only two of them, even with laptop manufacturers, some models will succeed and others will not. If you have a cattle for a radical opinion, you can easily deprive yourself of a good laptop, as well as buy an unsuccessful piece.

If any of the lb models are available, look for the specific models on the internet, never write off the whole manufacturer straight away. Finally, in today’s global world, the vast majority of products come from the same production lines. As a result, it is short and it is impossible to parrot one thought all the time.

What is worthwhile to evaluate at each globln manufacturer, service is provided in the event of a failure. Take such knowledge and take it into account. Tragic scenes about catastrophic straight and a few episodes, but don’t take them in. According to our instructions, the product must be repaired within 30 days, or you have the right to a refund, as well as when the failure occurs one after the other.

2. The software that came with your notebook is great
“I bought it for so little and in addition I got free antivirus, Office 2007 and then some kind of system recovery utility and the first time.”

In fact, it is a ballast that will be left to suffocate the performance of the pot or bother you with enough to buy. The software delivered free of charge is usually only a trial version, so it only works for a limited time. This includes Office 2007 or Norton Antivirus. The funny thing is that some notebook manufacturers have the dual presence of software with a limited period of functionality even in their squadrons, or the entire advertising campaign was based on that. The manufacturer of this “dragon” costs nothing and many of you know how to catch you.

Utilities for system administration directly from the manufacturer are usually very simple and have a minimum of settings. They are long for ordinary consumers who want to click only before the election and are in quick succession. Sometimes it happens that it does not work correctly, sometimes you will miss the item you need. It is therefore worthwhile to look at the specialized applications of other software vendors, which have e.g. with bad data in the experience.

3. m levnj, tm hor
“Sun laptops can be bought from 25,000 K in, I need a working tool, not a jerk for nerds!”

First, he fell asleep for a while, and second, he was the first to fall into darkness. The professional knows this way, because he needs a professional tool, and I understand for those who need cheap internet browsing.

Every marketing agent works for a hunter who exchanges advertising slogans. Unfortunately, old-fashioned and nothing-like passwords like “work equipment”, “peak ultra-mobile notebook” or “professional laptop” are very popular with users who feel a certain exclusivity. They then try to convince everyone around them that there is a price limit beyond which professional Class A laptops can be made with a brilliant color scheme, ultra-strong construction and mega-great mobility. But they are always bad on the specific model and the price says practically nothing about it.

Laptops around 15,000 K today have the widest range of interfaces, very good displays, good performance and good sound. The main difference compared to drama notebooks is mainly other materials, which last a short time, e.g. pi astm penen.

So if you ever hear a lasting depth about “notebooks for socks”, don’t think about it. Browsing the Internet in the warmth of home is one of the least important and you have to spend.

Let’s take a break and take a look that we don’t consider born, but know that many users have it in their heads:

“I don’t have any data on my laptop. When someone steals it from me, it doesn’t happen that much. “

But dje! All you have to do is have your e-mail password stored on your laptop and the thief can access your computer. Let me test which services you access through this mailbox (you need to register with various e-shops). If you use one password for more than one service, it will be easily accessed by trial and error. Change your passwords, even manipulate your finances (PayPal). And let’s not talk about the large amount of private data that can always be discarded. Once you find out that someone has stolen a laptop (or mobile phone in which you have stored sensitive data), changing passwords is the same as blocking stolen credit cards. It is therefore best to lose the previous and secure your notebook.

4. There is nothing to see on the glossy displays
“The glossy displays are full of dangers. I took this laptop out to the floor and saw a ball on the glossy display! ”

Most likely, however, you could see a change of balls on the display with a classic matte finish. Different displays reflect light completely differently and together with the maximum level of backlighting are unpleasant reflections on different laptops. Therefore, some matte and some glossy displays are unusable in the sun and cannot be thrown into one bag.

With a display with a glossy surface, you usually have to do a lot of twisting so that, for example, the lamp placed behind you is not visible in the reflection. This phenomenon redeems the high contrast, the image on summer displays looks overwhelming in the case of sticking better than matte displays. Today, we can find high-quality matt displays in notebooks only really sporadically.

5. The notebook cannot replace the desktop
“Notebook instead of a table pot? He can travel, but the house needs a table pot for performance. ”

The notebook replaces me with a table pot, and it even happens for several years. It is not exactly known to users on notebooks that their sales are constantly rising. Probably a bed effect for that. In short, writing a diploma thesis is more comfortable than sitting at a table without the possibility of taking a job elsewhere.

The truth is that your laptop does not have a display, which is similar to that of classic desktops. Working at a desk is so comfortable for me, it suffers from pain and the image is not as nice as you do on a 22 ″ LCD. In other aspects, however, the notebook can easily match a desktop PC, the performance is available for normal work even with the latest models, and you can easily play the game on gaming notebooks.

Desktop computers are currently being bought by companies for offices, as they look longer and more often on game consoles. Even with less ergonomics, laptops push the classic PC out of the home and do just the same thing.

6.m vy konfigurace, tm lpe
“In the end, the seller advised me on this laptop, because it was only about 900 K, not there, and it has a disk, more memory and a powerful processor.”

Each you configuration looks at the ndhern dealer squadron. It sells almost the same time as the nice design, so often we want a lot of memory for the laptop, the largest possible drive and the most powerful processor.

The truth is that more than 2 GB are left behind, the 320 GB drive is twice as long as we use for the life of the notebook (not stealing movies), and the processor would still be clocked. This also applies to graphics cards, we often buy some powerful ones, even if we never use their services. Just because it’s there.

But the important thing is that you buy the configuration, it will have the laptop in consumption. First, it lasts for a few minutes while running on the battery, and secondly, it will need to cool down more often and it will be deeper. For home, I still use a powerful set with a questionable processor and an integrated graphics card.

7. Vista is ideal for laptops
“I don’t know what they all have. They defend great visas on my potai, they are absolutely stable, fast and have a lot of tweaks. ”

Unfortunately, the owner of desktop computers also discusses the darkness of the quality of the Windows Vista operating system. Their machines have fast disks, powerful processors and fast buses, not even laptops. On their reports, therefore, Vista defends without noticeably slowing down compared to the old Windows XP.

In notebooks, the situation is different and in addition we have to deal with the darkness of the application, respectively. operating system, we will be on the laptop mt, tm mn nm then hold on to the battery. According to our men, this difference can be as much as 20%, so you will only be able to work for five hours.

Most users have stuck with Windows XP, and are slowly beginning to discover the “glooms” of the Linux operating system. If you bought a laptop that came with Windows Vista and you don’t like it, you can still buy Windows XP, pop. for Vista Business and Vista Ultimate versions, perform a “downgrade”, ie the upgrade to Windows XP is completely free.

There is one big mtus associated with Windows Vista: one that can’t be erased from the computer and can’t be switched to another operating system. It works and it doesn’t take less than an hour for the experienced user. The second thing is the availability of drivers for Windows XP, manufacturers for new hardware often only supply drivers for Windows Vista. It is best to look in advance at the support pages of the laptop manufacturer.

Bonusov mtus
We can go to the top of one stone, which can be found in our discussions: “The iPhone will soon replace all laptops.”