Acer splits am big full.  Kam kr potaov gigant

Acer splits am big full. Kam kr potaov gigant

At the press conference in Budapest, a new strategy for the years was developed. We will only give the Acer logo to expensive sets.

And even you, as is customary with Acer, will not be pedraen at all.

Market division

Acer has decided to be a technology leader and gradually bring cheaper computer technology under a different brand. He gave two companies, which he bought before, will be used to expand in some regions. So let’s remember Packard Bell, Gateway and eMachines.

And we start from the end. You may have seen her selling a laptop in the Czech Republic eMachines, which have a noticeably similar design with the Acer Aspire of the new generation (Gemstone concept). The main difference is plastics in matt surfaces, which do not look as valuable as in summer, but they are extremely practical and do not need often. As a rule, eMachines notebooks contain low-end components, so performance is not their main currency. Focus on the lowest possible price while maintaining the Acer standard, ie. they have an above-average display and a sunny menu interface. Under the eMachines logo, Acer intended to sell its cheapest products, not only laptops, but also desktops and displays. The target countries are Europe, the USA and Asia.

eMachines E510

eMachines H5270

The eMachines brand was acquired by Gateway in 2004. With the purchase of the Gateway, it was then under Acer’s kestrel.

Gateway In the new Acer hierarchy you build not eMachines, it will add quality to you. Together with Packard Bell, it is oriented towards the middle segment of users, in our case it is laptops from around 15,000 K. The gateway is not necessarily interesting, the target markets are Asia and the USA.

Gateway E100M

Gateway MX8000Gateway GM Series

Gateway T Series

Gateway MT3000

Gateway was bought by Acer last year for $ 710 million, and the companies opened their doors to grow in other regions.

Packard Bell is more important for the Czech Republic, because it is intended for the sale of computer equipment in Europe. It will offer a similar range as the Gateway, the main difference for customers is mainly the design, which should be more adapted to the year-old European. While the Gateway offers a sleek shape and sleek feel, Packard Bellys are more playful and have, for example, unusual round touchpads. It is also worth mentioning the extravagant desktops, whose design attracted a lot of attention at the conference. With two introduced netbooks from Packard Bell, you won’t have time, Acer is looking for its new Aspire One.

Packard Bell EasyNote MX

Packard Bell EasyNote MB whitePackard Bell EasyNote BG

Packard Bell /imax

Packard Bell /ipower

Rozen on n market for a while. Desktops, laptops, displays or MP3 players from Packard Bell can thus be found best in Germany.

Lonely Acer keep the highest segment of computer technology, for example laptops such as Acer Ferrari or Aspire with Gemstone Blue design. As it was already mentioned, the netbook market is mainly supplied by Aspire One, which is also available in our country for the price of 9,599 K including taxes and Windows XP. For now, it is only available with a 9 ″ display, but it can be deduced from the presentation that Acer can also be used with a 10 ″ variant.

Company history

Acer is a Taiwanese multinational company engaged in the production of computer technology. The company with the original name Multitech was founded in 1976 by Stan Shih, in 1986 it was renamed Acer. In the presentation, Acer spelled its name as a “big tree”, which should symbolize service, size, longevity and born on all continents. In Latin, Acer stands for “sharp.”

Stan Shih

The original change, including technology, was only to distribute and provide advice, and over time the range expanded. The company, with its very aggressive pricing policy, had a traditional effect on the manufacturer’s ice shower. Especially in the middle of the nineties, she sold a percentage of the cheaper computer technology, which she offered the same, pop. you vkon. The company could afford it or sold far more product than the competition. For laptops, it gave rise to the first graceful shapes and curves. While Apple and other manufacturers did not want the uniqueness of the design to pay, Acer was available in a group of users.

Lenovo ThinkPad T400

Acer Aspire 5100

After mentioning a few problems, which have often been the subject of complaints, Acer has made a big deal of the past and in 2007 introduced new concepts of Gemstone and Profile. Apart from their unmistakable design, they have such a robust construction, while the price has remained very low. Due to reputation, the bag is not easily restored.

Acer Gemstone

Acer TravelMate 6292

Thanks to the slow price / performance ratio, Acer has grown to the bottom size and belongs to the worlds number two notebook sales, only HP is better. In EMEA (Europe and Central Asia), in the first quarter of this year, Acer even jumped to the top position, followed by HP, Dell, Toshiba and Asus.



The biggest hit in the coming years is from the BRIC market (Brazil, Russia, India, China), in which Acer currently monitors the number of tens of percentages. Although Acer is lost in India, the market of a billion people is a very attractive bag for every manufacturer.


Stan Shih, the company’s founder and multimillion at the same time, is retired, leaving the company to Italian Gianfranca Lanci. Acer made a profit of $ 189.98 million in the first half of this year.

Gianfranco Lanci, president of Acer Int.

Acer Aspire 6920G

Acer Aspire 6920GDetail lev


Acer Ferrari 1100

With an interesting note, the president of Acer Int. Gianfranco Lanci, who in the market bugs competition for the MacBook Air. If there are alternatives to the often-discussed ultra-light laptop from Acer, it’s still in the stars, at least Acer will try to make the most of its laptop.

From the stpky

The whole presentation was conducted in ei sel, from which we selected some of the most interesting. It is now meziron nrst 35.3% in notebook sales, while for desktop it is only 1.7%. The trend of shopping for laptops is so obvious, desktops are slowly becoming just office accessories. Sales of game consoles are rising at the same time, a handful of desktops for many records of thousands of crowns have very strong competition. The growth of notebook sales in double-digit Acer earphones in the coming years, thanks to rising competition equally and gave falling prices. In our market, the discount on computer technology has been made more powerful by the recent crown.

Manufacturers of netbooks are very full, Acer is producing 25 million units by the end of 2009. Together with Asus and other competitors, the netbook will be not enough and we will meet them much longer. Again, the price is equally declining.

Acer has decided to divide its scope under more brands due to the slogan “more personal”. This will allow for flexible full production and individual access to individual markets. The relationship between the individual characters is not hidden, for example the service takes place in Brno for both Acer and eMachines together.

A very important first decision is made on the preferred production of a 16: 9 display instead of 16:10. When browsing the Internet pages, we will have to scroll more often or the visible size of the page will change. Such a display can be found, for example, in the modified Gemstone Blue concept, which has a 16 ″ display with a resolution of 1,366 x 768.