These companies and associations opposed to “Black Friday”

FIGARO DEMAIN – Now structured, the “Green Friday” operation has a plethora of initiatives intended to counter this enthusiasm from the United States. Including from large players in the distribution sector.

Haro on overconsumption! This is the message that a large number of companies and associations wish to convey in the time of “Black Friday”. Some thus decide to close their online sales sites, while others are mobilizing to make the French aware of the challenges of more sustainable consumption.

“After the success of our first edition of“ Green Friday ”last year, we repeated the experience. More than 180 associations and companies have joined us to make the French aware of the need not to participate in the buying frenzy of Black Friday, ”says Anémone Berès, president of the Envie recycling network. “Throughout the weekend, we will carry out awareness-raising actions to encourage people to repair and make their objects last, for example, others will learn to repair their devices themselves”, specifies the manager at the origin of. Emmaüs, one of the co-founding associations of Green Friday, will also offer sewing workshops to raise awareness of the lifespan of clothes. “All the participants of” Green Friday “decided to donate 15% of the turnover achieved that day”, adds Anémone Berès.

In 2017, the modest recycling and reconditioning network launched on its own during “Black Friday”, with open house events in its workshops. Last year, the president of the federation, wishing to “make the French aware of responsible alternatives, had succeeded in making herself heard in the face of the buying frenzy of” Black Friday “from the United States.

Rejection of unbridled consumerism

The alternative event is growing. Supported by the Paris city hall and its 40,000 euros grant, the “Green Friday” operation now has around one hundred members. Each will donate 15% of Friday sales to various associations. The Town Hall will organize a “solidarity Christmas market” in mid-December.

While it is too recent for its real effect to be measured, it seems to reflect a rejection of unbridled consumerism in one section of society. “Year after year, consumers get bored,” says Heikki Väänänen, CEO of the customer satisfaction company HappyOrNot. According to his institute, the satisfaction rates of American consumers during “Black Friday” fell by 7.5% in 2017.

“A big one who moves a little has more effect than a small one who moves a lot. “

Emery Jacquillat, the boss of Camif.

“If the performance of Black Friday decline, it will be the breaking point,” hopes Emery Jacquillat, the boss hired. “The day a high-tech player mobilizes, things can go very quickly and distract people from the horrible model of Amazon. A big one who moves a little has more effect than a small one who moves a lot. ” As in 2017, this defender of “Made in France” will close his site on D-Day, to give “a very strong signal”. “We said to ourselves that we had to awaken awareness, take action. We are not in the of consumption“But in responsible consumption”, he adds. Riding on this trend, even offers 50 euros to users who will sulk on Black Friday, when the brand Naturalia communicates on its “Vrack Friday”.

At, we are sure to be “fully on the theme of consuming better”. “We launched the first after-sales service barometer with items that break down, we repair our products,” says Vincent Gufflet, director of sales and services, for whom his practical brand “everything except greenwashing“. In the food industry, Danone France goes further. With its “green day”,.

Outside of France, the “Do something” campaign also unites with more than 273 events in 38 countries, the NGO invites you to “buy nothing” on Friday and to focus on its events and conferences to learn how to recycle, repair, do your homework. soda or its own cosmetics.

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