“It’s frustrating, visitors are asked not to touch anything”: real estate agents deal with the new health constraints

“It’s frustrating, visitors are asked not to touch anything”: real estate agents deal with the new health constraints

Closed for two months, real estate agencies reopened on May 11. Visits are once again possible, respecting barrier gestures.

Real estate is on the rise again, but not all social categories can easily borrow (photo illustration) (MAXPPP)

The real estate market is also emerging from two months of confinement. The branches reopened on May 11 and appointments are again possible. Real estate agents like Cécile still have to enforce new instructions. Before entering the apartment that she shows Yasmina, in Clichy-la-Garenne in the Hauts-de-Seine, Cécile recalls the barrier gestures: “We will try to keep a distance. Normally, you need one person per 10 m²… So I will let you go alone in the kitchen and the bathroom, which are not very large ”. Mostly, “We touch with the eyes”, asks the real estate agent.

New ways to visit … and new criteria

The two women wear a mask in the empty apartment. “It’s a little frustrating”, recognizes the real estate agent, “Because we need to smile in the sales profession”. It’s also more complicated “Because visitors are asked not to touch anything, whereas they need to project themselves by opening the cupboards, or by touching the curtains”, she believes. Yasmina nods: “I tend to open everything up to appreciate the space. Too bad… we play along, and we adapt. ”

Despite everything, this bright 67m² apartment located on allées Gambetta de Clichy-la-Garenne, is the one that would suit Yasmina and her companion perfectly. Their criteria have evolved since the confinement. “We realized that we will certainly have to spend more time with us”, explains Yasmina. “We even liked it, so we will perhaps be telecommuting more and more! The extra room, for the office is essential. ”

Customers in a hurry to buy

Since the reopening of real estate agencies, the phone rings all day long. Something to surprise Michel, whose brand has 10 agencies in the west of Paris. “We thought that customers were going to be rather reluctant to resume visits… They are in fact very active!”, he wonders.

From Monday May 11, he was to show a new apartment to Clichy-la-Garenne. The same day, he received an offer for the money order. The same goes for Levallois-Peret, where two offers were accepted by the owners. There are also more patient customers who hope that with the current crisis the price of real estate will go down.