In Paris, real estate agents struggle to attract clients with virtual tours

In Paris, real estate agents struggle to attract clients with virtual tours

Confinement requires, agents are not allowed to physically visit the real estate. But virtual tours do not appeal. Ten large professional networks have requested an exemption.

Real estate agents call for an easing of containment

The virtual does not yet replace reality. In any case when it comes to real estate. Due to the confinement, it is impossible for a buyer to go and see the apartment or house he wants on site. Agents must therefore find solutions, such as virtual tours. But the formula does not appeal, especially in Paris.

To bait the client, Stéphanie Ursat took out her camera and highlighted by the image a vast house in the Parisian suburbs. But the professional notes it, that is not enough to convince. Especially when the house is priced at 2.6 million euros! “All the people who made virtual tours only made an offer after the real tour”. No crush, therefore, without real discovery of the place.

So in order to try to maintain their activity, some agents take the risk of having goods visited illegally. An offense that can cost them administrative closure.

Add a box in the derogation

Faced with this observation, the real estate sector is calling for flexibility. “We are asking for an extremely simple thing, it is to allow in the travel certificate, to add a box that allows customers to visit accommodation, to rent it or to buy it”, suggests Laurent Vimont, President of Century 21.

Earlier this week, industry professionals sent a letter to the government. “The situation our country is going through is as unprecedented as it is terrible. Since the announcement of the new confinement, we are in great misunderstanding ” they wrote.

But the spokesman for the executive, Gabriel Attal, rebutted any idea of ​​easing the confinement on November 10: “It seems very early to propose a relaxation of the rules that have been set”.

In the third quarter of 2020, the real estate market lost 17% of its activity in the Paris region.