In Brittany, Isabelle gave up medical care because of the cold that reigns at home

In Brittany, Isabelle gave up medical care because of the cold that reigns at home

# LesMalC chaudés: “Taking a shower at 6 am, before an operation, with drafts and 8 ° C in the shower, it’s just not possible”, testifies this forty-something Breton.

# LesMalC chaudés: my life in the cold

At Isabelle Martin, the shower is a pleasure reserved for sunny days. “You can use it from the end of April to the end of October, she sums up. Otherwise, it’s too cold, that’s not possible, especially with drafts. ” At 49, this resident of Saint-Caradec (Côtes-d’Armor) lives in a dilapidated 17th century house. Isabelle Martin is too poor to renovate it. She has therefore fitted it out with the means at hand and has to make a cross on her floor every winter.

The shower was installed in this attic, under a slate roof riddled with holes. “There is an average of 8 ° C and it can go down further, describes Isabelle. When I hear people say you have to get up in the morning and find a job, I would like to see them here, in January, with 5 ° C. ” This divorcing mother, declared invalid due to depression, has to be content with an old-fashioned method: she washes, on the ground floor, with enamel basins and swaddling clothes.

Living in a poorly heated house means giving up your comfort… and putting your health at risk. “A dermatologist diagnosed me with a mole to remove, says Isabelle. He gave me an appointment at the clinic in the winter, and he told me to take a shower with a product the night before or in the morning. The problem is, in my shower, it was less than 10 ° C. I didn’t say anything, but suddenly I didn’t have an operation. I don’t take a shower at home at 6 am, it’s just not possible. ”

Isabelle tells her story at length in this testimony published as part of the # LesMalC chauffés operation. Also discover the testimony of Fabienne and Aurélie, two other victims of fuel poverty, as well as our interview with Isolde Devalière, sociologist and member of the National Energy Poverty Observatory.