Confinement: a difficult period for students

Confinement: a difficult period for students

Containment is difficult for students. Some sometimes live in extremely small areas, such as a student in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) who testifies for France 3.

12/13 - Confinement: a difficult period for students

Welcome to my humble 9 square meters!“, Launches Léna Simon, student in master’s of literature in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine). To hold this first confinement in a university room, she has set herself a very strict discipline and schedule, which she intends to keep after confinement. For ten days, Léna has been taking online courses, sometimes with a random connection. At midday, she takes a break to pick up her meals from the take-out service of the university canteen, open during confinement. It’s a relief for the scholarship student: her meal costs her only two euros.

Deprived of family life

Alone in her room, Léna stays in touch with her teachers and regularly gives news to her thesis director. For her, the hardest part is being deprived of her family. “Coming home on weekends and being able to see my little brother and my parents, it was still a breath of fresh air during the week“, Regrets the young woman, who had already been deprived of her relatives when she was studying in Japan during the first confinement.