Between city dwellers and country people, “there is a real divide”

Between city dwellers and country people, “there is a real divide”

The magazine “We Demain” looks back on the often difficult cohabitation between neo-rural people who want to escape the nuisances of cities and people who have lived in the countryside for a long time.

Between city dwellers and country people,

“All city dwellers are probably not expected with a big smile in the countryside. There is a real divide ”, judge Armelle Oger, journalist for We Demain, guest of franceinfo on Wednesday June 24th.

City dwellers come to live in the countryside and work there thanks to teleworking, retirees and holidaymakers come to seek calm and fresh air, but a perfectly controlled nature: noise-free and odorless“, She adds, stressing that“come are fed up with cicadas, bees, frogs, hay, the horse that attracts flies ”.

Protected rural heritage

For five years, there has been a tenfold increase in trials. So, mayors met and a deputy made a law to protect the sensory heritage of the countryside ”, recalls Armelle Oger.

According to Odoxa, 85% of French people have a good opinion of farmers, who are less than 450,000 today against 1.5 million in 1982. “They are in the minority and have the impression that they will disappear. They defend their identity against those who have a fantasized vision of the countryside without noise and without farmers“, Concludes the journalist.