How to Hang a Mirror


Hanging a mirror does not offer any kind of particular difficulties, apart from the fragility as well as weight of the item. Make it an easy job with these ideas.
The majority of big mirrors have repairing brackets as an important part of the framework. Drill and also screw– instead of nail– the repairings as well as match the dimension of the screws to take the weight of the mirror.You can forget all the double-sided glue accessory choices unless you’re fixing a very little, light-weight mirror. Mirrors are usually very fast to put up, however if they do not hold firm you’ll have a disaster on your hands!Usage traditional mirror clamps. They can be found in various sizes to suit the thickness of the mirror. For a decorative mirror, four must be sufficient: two on the bottom and also two on the sides– these ought to be put more detailed to the top. However, if you’re installing a full-length mirror, don’t cut corners– dual the number: 2 under, two on each side and also two on the top. These clamps are made up of an assistance that needs to be connected to the wall surface by a screw and also a cover that springs back on the top.Be careful not to force way too much when you screw on clamp covers, since the stress on the mirror could lead to a crack. A creative method is to insert a slice of card behind each screw as a tightening gauge.