Do we really have to heat with gas?

Do we really have to heat with gas?

Regulated gas prices will drop by just over 1% on February 1, due to lower oil prices. But is this type of heating the most profitable?

Regulated gas prices will decrease by a little over 1% on February 1. Seven million households are affected. According to a heating engineer, gas is also the preference of customers. “It has been established for years that gas is cheaper than electricity”, explains Yannick Corbin.

Electricity remains cheaper

And yet, including the installation and maintenance of a boiler, electricity is cheaper than gas. Conversely, fuel oil, even on the decline, remains the most expensive energy.

For a house, the annual bill amounts to 1,590 euros with fuel oil, 1,320 euros with electricity and 1,498 euros with gas.. “You have to know that when you are on gas you are nevertheless obliged to have electricity at home, suddenly you have two subscriptions”, specifies Serge Lepeltier, president of the association “Equilibre des energies”.

You should know that the most profitable energy remains wood heating and that 1.7 million households have opted for this system.