Consumption: women are always spending more time shopping

A detailed study by INSEE shows that women spend more time than men shopping. Decryption.

An INSEE study looked at the relationship the French have with racing over the past forty years. Shopping is mostly a pleasure, although some still see it as a chore; on average, the French spend 2 hours 40 minutes a week shopping. Notably, men are participating more and more: the gap between the time spent by men and women shopping has been reduced by half.

Internet purchases still in the minority

The purchase criteria differ according to gender. “Men pay more attention to the price. They pay much less attention to health, which is dominated by women. They will fall for pleasure purchases more than women ”, explains to France 3 Pascale Hébel, director of the consumption department at Crédoc.

Online shopping remains in the minority, while the drive-by trend is progressing and could, in the future, reduce the time spent shopping.