Child’s Development Schedule


Our homemade Arrival calendar, with a treat behind each door, is a delightful way to count down the days till Christmas with your children.

What you will need:
16-inch x 20-inch 1/2-inch-thick piece foam board
Craft knife
Spray adhesive (such as Spray Mount ®).
16-inch x 20-inch item tinted construction paper.
16-inch x 20-inch wood or metal picture frame.
Spray paint (for wooden structure).
Number and star stickers.
25 wrapped candies (small, level ones work best), plus additional sweet for enhancing border.
Glue gun.

Action 1:.
Using the T-square, ruler, and also a pencil, step as well as mark off a 3-inch verge on the bottom of the foam board as well as a 3-1/2- inch border on top. After that procedure as well as mark off 2-inch approach the continuing to be 2 sides.

Action 2:.
Next, divide the inner rectangular shape right into twenty-five 2-inch x 2-1/2- inch rectangular shapes with 1/2-inch rooms in between them. Making use of the craft knife, carefully removed within rectangles and also dispose of.

Action 3:.
In a well-ventilated location, gently use spray glue away of the foam board, as well as place the tinted construction paper on top, straightening all edges thoroughly.

Tip 4:.
Turn the foam board over. To create Introduction doors, overview craft blade along 3 sides of each 2-inch x 2-1/2- inch rectangular shape, very carefully cutting through the paper. Gently score the fourth side to develop a “joint.”.

Tip 5:.
Disassemble framework and discard glass. If using wooden frame, spray-paint the structure, according to supplier’s directions. When completely dry, put the foam board right into the framework, after that replace the cardboard support that came with it.

Action 6:.
Use the number sticker labels to the fronts of the doors, after that utilize the adhesive gun to affix the candies to the spaces behind the doors. Use the adhesive weapon to enhance the boundary with additional sweet. Close each door with a star sticker.